Monday, January 24, 2005

24 January 2005

¶  Up to the range yesterday, Sunday, with great intentions, recently acquired knowledge, and my new Limcat Stealth holster. And another disaster it was, too!! In the box for Stage 5, I reached over to pick up a mag up off of the ground and the gun fell out of my holster! I didn't lock it, something I hadn't accustomed myself to yet (reason, not excuse!). Concept grasped: Do NOTHING other than start the stage after the gun is loaded and made ready! Other items shown to need work:
  • Practice my draws

  • Acquiring the grip

  • Presentation

  • Off the table


  • Sight align/picture

  • Patience, and

  • The long shot!!

  Not an auspiscious start for 2005, so let's get out to the range for those workouts and do the home drills!

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