Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finally Got To The Range . . .

¶ . . . for some trigger time with my new '73, but I only got off two photos before my lame-ass can't-hold-hold-a-charge battery crapped out!! I got this one off as I set up to chrono and sight in my Para for this week's SWPL Match (Which I'll miss again!! This pesky job!!):

. . . and one of the '73 before it got off its first shot:

. . . Range Report forthcoming when I get another chance to write more, hopefully inviting some more of your comments/advice; I already have some observations to inquire about. I'll say this, it sure is nice and seems to shoot pretty straight right out of the box, but I need to take the Marine out with me to fire it, as he and the gun can shoot better than I can!! I also need him to shoot the camera for some better fotos! Sorry to keep you guys waiting. . .
. . . A new 10/22 is on its way! The Ten-Day is just about up on that one!!

¶ . . . I'm grateful for the "pesky job"; it makes trigger time possible!!

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