Monday, February 13, 2006

Shotgun Shopping . . .

¶ . . . Inspired by the "Disaster Gun" postings of recent months,this past Monday I went to buy a shotgun at a local gun store. The model pictured below is what I have in mind:

    It's a Mossberg Model 590 A1, Ghost Rings and the metal trigger guard. Anyway, I gave the dude all the info, was willing to buy right then, and he tells me, "The well is dry." What? Is it some kind of rare item or something? Then he just kinda wanders away. I thought that maybe he would take my number or something to see what they could do, after all, their sign says, "Don't see it here? We'll special order it for you!!" What drivel! Unfortunately, I can't cop my stock attitude of "They're 86'ed," as we suffer from a dearth of gun stores her in So Kal (and "Turner's Outdoorsman" doesn't quite get it for me!)
    I saw some websites for some rather large-appearing gun stores in Orange County, so I think I'll just cruise on down there this Monday (Tomorrow!!).
    Wish me luck!!

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