Sunday, February 05, 2006

VileBill Treks Eastward . . .

¶ . . . And what a fantastic trek, indeed! For the better part of the past month I was out on the East Coast, Baltimore to be more precise, on a training mission. It was the first time I had been to the East and it was fantastic! So much to see, I'll be venturing back in the, hopefully, near future . . .
. . . The weekdays belong to "The Outfit," but the weekends were mine! My first trip was a 220 mile run to see my aunt up in the northernmost corner of New Jersey. A real nice rural area, across the Delaware River from the Poconos. How Currier & Ives - like, the guys out with their spaniels hunting pheasants . . . like in their own neighborhood! Here I am getting a rare chance to put on my cold weather gear:

¶ . . . I just wanted for now to get it out there that I was back in town and I've got some more (Quite a few, actually!) fotos to post (Some you'll think are pretty cool, I believe). Check out "VileBill's Current Read" for a foreshadowing of the trip to a site that is one of the High Points of my life.
  They're going to go down here for maintenance, they say, at nine o'clock, so I'll sign off for now.


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