Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Lesson Worth (Re-)Learning . . .

¶ . . . in light of the recent thuggery in New Orleans: Other than keeping an emergency supply of water, canned goods, etc., is the fact that one must be prepared to defend their family and aid in maintaining order in their district. Here's a righteous summation on choosing "Disaster Guns," courtesy of the Confederate Yankee . . .

¶ . . . Though I've never experienced a cataclysm in the magnitude of Katrina, the Riots of '92 and the Northridge Earthquake of '94 have given me a taste of civil disorder in Los Angeles. The fine police force that it is, the LAPD's low officer to citizen ratio , coupled with a staggering amount of real estate to police, makes a swift response to an exigent threat unrealistic (As of 2002, that ratio was 2.47 officers per 1,000 citizens [LAPD Plan Of Action, Book II, 2005]. I was surprised to see San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas, and San Antonio even lower, with Houston but a shade higher.).

Be Prepared!!

Postscript 10:07 PM: I see (from reading other weblogs) that proper blog etiquette calls for the "hat tip," so here it is:
  Hat Tip to Cowboy Blob for the heads up on Disaster Guns!

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