Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Gunslinger Fraternity . . .

¶ . . . displays true brotherhood once more, as this past Friday I hooked-up with Marc of Lay Lines fame. A fine visit with great conversation on guns,USPSA/IPSC, being an American, growing up in California, getting OUT of Kalifornia, and sundry other neat topics.

  • Fortunately: For Marc, he's beating a hasty advance out of here!

  • Unfortunately: I'm still here, dreaming of the day I punch-out for Northern Nevada!

  • Fortunately: I think I've made a great new acquaintance/friendship!

  • Unfortunately: It'll be long distance!

  • Fortunately: The Age Of E-mail allows expedient correspondence!

  • Unfortunately: Distance precludes spontaneous "trigger time"!

  • Fortunately: Now I've got a reason to visit Tennessee!

  • Unfortunately: Road trips, I never get enough of them!

  • Fortunately: It's all good anyway and I'm grateful!

  • Un . . . 'Nuff said!!

    That being said, I'm the first to slap anyone on the back for bailing out of here. Today I got an added bonus with another visit to his soon-to-be ex-shop to meet one of his chums, more great gun talk, and to see a firearm that is truly a masterwork! Think, "Reach out and touch someone!"

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