Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Remiss On Posting . . .

¶ . . . so I guess I'll put up what I used when it all started for me:

This is my Colt Combat Commander. When I bought it, I knew nothing of IPSC shooting. This gun was bone-stock. My good friend Man Mountain did the enhancements for me:

  • Ed Brown Beavertail Grip Safety (Nice!)

  • S & A Magazine Well

  • Chip McCormick Low Mount Rear Sight

  • Wilson Combat Trigger (about a pound & three quarters; Sweet!)

  • An "I-Forget-What-Brand" Extended Thumb Safety (Sloppy-seconds off of a prize table, along with a Schuemann Hybri-Comp Barrel I sold for $125!!)

  • Wilson Combat Extended Mag Release

  • Wilson Combat Bulletproof Extractor

  • SV Firing Pin & Sear

. . . We jettisoned the Series 80 firing pin block and pinned the grip safety, but if I ever use it for a carry gun I'll probably put back the block and reactivate the grip safety. Since I've been shooting Limited of late, I don't compete with it now, but maybe I'll shoot in the new "Single Stack" class at times. I do take it with me to the matches as a back up so I can at least finish the match if the Para gets fung-hoed. . .

. . . Here's the rig:

  • Tac-Pro Kydex Holster

  • Safariland 4350 Outer Belt, 029 Inner Belt

  • Safariland 771 Mag Pouches

  • Chip McCormick 10-Round Power Mags

. . . Forgive the dearth in my bloggage!!

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